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A full segmented diamond grinding wheel is the first position on glass edging machine, which is used for building glass, furniture glass, and other similar glass sheets rough grinding. Suit for straight line/double edging machine.


1, High efficiency, deeper cutting depth, fast removing ability of the glass uneven edges.
2, Good sharpness, no edge chipping while grinding.
3, Smooth glass edge after processing.
4, Long service life, reduce the frequency of replacing grinding wheel in periodic time.


Tips while using:

1. Choose different type, size and grit according to real usage and machine type.
2.Suitable for 3-25mm thickness glass, Please adjust equipment pressure, conveying speed according to glass thickness.
3. Adjust position and angle between grinding wheel and glass according to the glass size.
4.Use sufficient cooling water while grinding.

Full Segmented Diamond Wheel for Edging Machine

  • Size(Diameter*Thickness*Hole) : 150*35*12

    Rim (width*thickness) : 15*10

    Grit : 100#

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